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In the spa industry, critics of automated booking believe that it adversely affects the reputation of the spa.


They feel that automated appointment setting diminishes the overall hands-on, personal experience that clients have come to expect of spa owners and their staff.

Why is automated booking critical to customer satisfaction?

1. Automated booking speeds up the scheduling process. A client can usually access the online tool and complete the process in less than one or two minutes. As a result, clients don’t have to experience the frustration of dealing with busy signals and long on-hold periods.
2. Automated booking helps customers see the bigger picture so they experience less frustration related to wondering why the spa can’t fit them in at a specific time.
3. Automated booking makes customers feel like they have greater control over their scheduling choices because they can know the schedule of their favorite staff members.

Once an appointment is scheduled, spa owners and staff have plenty of room to add extra personal touches to the experience. They can call a customer to confirm the appointment and request any additional details that the customer didn’t include when he/she scheduled.

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Whenever you are in process of s//”>shipping a car either within or outside the country, it is important to carry out the practices discussed below

Ensure Your Vehicle Is Completely Cleaned Out

This will ensure once the shipment process is complete, complains about losing MP3s, GPS, among other valuables are not reported.

Provide the Transporter with Reliable Contact Information

This means that you should use a phone number that will allow the transporter to contact you before the drop off. It can be 12-24 hours before the drop off time.

Prior to Sending, Take Pictures of the Vehicle

This will help the receiver identify any damages that could have occurred during shipment. Do not rely only on the BOL (Bill of Lading) document provided by the transporter. Send both the BOL and the pictures to the receiver for verification.

Enhance Communication with the Receiver

You need to let them know when the car has been picked and the probable time that the car will be dropped off.

Get a Gap Insurance

This policy covers you from anything that hasn’t been covered by the carrier’s insurance. This could either be loss of use of the car as a result of delayed delivery or claims of less than your carrier’s deductible. This ensures that you do not incur losses when shipping cars.

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If you have seen the movie, “Carrie” then you probably have an idea what social phobia is all about. In the movie, the girl isolates herself from the rest of her peers because she does not know how they would react to her. Remove the supernatural element of the movie, and you pretty much have someone suffering from social phobia disorder.

What might be embarrassment or simply being shy that most of us simply shrug off or laugh about with friends can be a hellish event for individuals who are suffering from social phobia disorders. Everyday activities can be very stressful for these individuals that they require help. Like most conditions, early detection is important so that an individual can get help and recover from the disorder as soon as possible.

Individuals who have social phobia can find the following situations difficult and stressful. Meeting people, going on a date, public speaking, being teased or criticized and attending parties are some of the those events that can cause great stress to individuals who have social phobias.

Fortunately treatments have shown promise in helping individuals who have the disorder get their lives back. Treatments involve psychological counseling and medications particularly anti-depressants. Social phobia disorder treatment is a long term approach that involves medications and counseling from a professional. However, to be effective, the family of the individual who has the disorder plays a very important role in helping the individual cope with the disorder and live a normal life.

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Blogging has over the years grown in popularity ad thousands of new bloggers take to the internet each year to register their new blogs. Over the years, blogging has proved to be a really useful tool of reaching out to the masses across the internet.

With this growth in demand, more individuals are creating articles, websites, podcasts and so forth on, meant to aid you in the task of how to create a blog. If you Google for this key word, you will be amazed by the amount of content out there.

One of the leading online tutorials when it comes to educating you on how to create a blog are the WordPress tutorials. These tutorials are particularly effective as they cover everything you need to know, from creating a blog from scratch, to how to be a successful blogger.

Leading companies and multi-million dollar companies are today using blogs for so many purposes. But, what is being observed is that these blogs are offering the ideal platform for these companies and individuals alike find success when looking to advertise and market their products and services.

Blogs are powerful means of sharing information. Currently, there are thousands of freelance journalists and activists who take up to blogging in attempt to share their stories, and those of their countries with the rest of the world, a good example is in the war torn country of Syria.

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Nowadays, many individuals are seeking weight loss solutions to shed extra pounds from their body. Some people wish to look slim and trim, while others want to get rid of unwanted fat from their body. No matter the reason, losing excess weight offers various health benefits. Unfortunately, most of the folks lack sufficient knowledge about how to lose weight.

A number of quick weight loss solutions can be found in the market that claims to shed weight fast. However, most of these products are unhealthy, and invite a multitude of problems. Many weight loss programs consist of very low calorie diets or fast weight loss pills. Dieters tend to lose weight in the beginning, but they regain weight no sooner they stop using the program. Moreover, the immunity systems of dieters become weak with these unhealthy weight loss programs.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a healthy weight loss solution that generates promising results. A healthy diet program is the one that contains essential nutrients and vitamins. The diet you choose must be high on nutritional value and low on calories. Similarly, perform regular exercises to get the most out of your diet program. If you pick a healthy weight loss solution that involves healthy eating and regular workouts, you won’t have to worry about how to lose weight.

If you are planning on launching your own website maybe for personal reasons, a blog perhaps about what you do everyday or for business associated things like when you want to expand the exposure level of your product then you certainly have heard about hosting and even dedicated servers.

For your website to be visible all through out the web, were people can actively visit it and access all the information you have laid on the site, you will need hosting for it. Hosting is usually provided by the same company that provides you with your domain name which is the name that ends with a .com or .org among others.

Hosting is also available mostly in different rates to meet different user demands. For instance, a simple blog will more than benefit from a beginners hosting package which should also be very affordable on a monthly basis. Though for those who run websites for e-commerce purposes a more robust and powerful hosting service is required. Nonetheless, the overall cost to host your sites is fairly cheap today.

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